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 Here’s How You Can Quickly and Easily Discover All The Secrets Of Oil Painting Supplies Guaranteed To Have You Painting Better Immediately.

And Saving $50,$300, $1000 Or More On Useless Oil Painting Supplies And Valuable Hours Of Your Time Without That Usual Frustrating Instruction!”

If you are not happy with your knowlege of oil painting supplies and are looking to improve your painting immediately, not months or years from now, orIf you are frustrated with the lessons you had in the past, or the lessons you currently have because you feel you aren’t really learning…(and we all know how expensive those lessons are…)

Then you have just found what are looking for.
And you won’t find this information elsewhere — Here’s why…

Many art supply stores are interested in selling you their products, even if you don’t need them. Therefore it’s very hard to get them to cover these lessons at their websites…In the long run, it would cost them money.

This information comes from over 15 years of constant and in depth research by Ethan Semmel. He is not affiliated with any school, and thus does not have to answer to any supervisors or “board members” who are more interested in their status than in their students actually learning.

Dear Beginning or Intermediate Oil Painter,


How much is easy to understand information about the secrets of oil painting supplies worth to your improvement as an oil painter?

Suppose you could get straight up, easy to understand information that ends your confusion and improves your oil paintings immediately.

Picture this…Every secret and tip about your oil painting supplies you would expect to learn in an expensive school in one easy to understand package…

  • knowing exactly what medium to use to get the effect you want.
  • Knowing exactly what brushes you should use.
  • Knowing everything about canvases.
  • Knowing exactly what supplies to buy to help you paint better pictures.
  • Eliminating the guesswork about all of those confusing supplies.
  • Knowing what supplies to not buy to save your hard earned money.

Sounds too good to be true?Oil painting supplies manual

Well, it isn’t if you have the right information. Information that makes it easy for you to “get it” and apply to your paintings immediately.

Think about it. easy to understand information from a good instructor is the most powerful aid you can ever have to improve your paintings . When you get the secrets of your supplies, in a step by step, easy to understand way, your confusion is gone.

You won’t ask yourself questions like “What medium should I use?” or “What brush do I need?” Simply put, clear up your confusion about your supplies and you can focus on what you want to do…create beautiful paintings.

At Last! Every Secret Of Oil Painting Supplies From Start To Finish – Is Here. So You Begin Painting Better Immediately, Not Months From Now.

It could take you years of trial and error and can cost you a small fortune to get just the right instruction and secrets about your supplies so you can be painting better than ever before and saving yourself a wad of money by not throwing it away on useless supplies.

But instead of knocking yourself and wasting money out trying to come up with just the right instruction, you can now have it inside a new instructional manual called:

“The Secrets Of Oil Painting Supplies Made-Easy”

At last! Every secret of your oil painting supplies is here.

You walk into an art supply store to buy your oil painting supplies…You buy a few brushes, a few tubes of oil paint, a few special mediums you have heard about. Suddenly you are paying over $100. Then you find that you either didn’t need these things or you don’t know when or how to use them. It’s time that you stop wasting this money on oil painting supplies you don’t need.


“I am very grateful for all the wonderful tips and wisdom you have shared. This is a marvelous tool and I’m convinced that it will help make me a better painter. My only regret is not having the information about buying useless art supplies years ago! It would have saved me lots of $$$ to buy more tubes of paint. I wish you continued success and hope you come out with some more goodies shortly.”
David Kreinberg, Maryland
Dear Ethan Semmel, I just finished reading your information and I must say that this is exactly the information I was searching for. I found your material to be both thorough and most informative. My next step is to restock my supplies, as I have been waiting for the kind of information I just learned in your book. Now, I feel I can buy with confidence and get more for my money. Sincerely,
Richard M. Allen, DA design/productions

Maybe you do currently take lessons and are not learning from them, they only make you frustrated and confused. Maybe you have read other books, but it just didn’t click for you.

“You taught me more then I learned from the instructors at college! I especially related to the paragraph that said to start to practice with student paint. The last instructor I had insisted we begin with artist quality paints! I can tell you I was set back about $300.00 and I never bought all the required colors for the course! Needless to say I was totally discouraged and dropped the course. No, I didn’t return the paints for a refund. I hope you will be able to help me paint a picture with them…I wish you lived here in So. California so I could take lessons in person. Any way enough with this rambling, Thank you so much for being a level headed guy!”
Karen Dobbs, California
Ethan, I am amazed!! I am 58 years old and have never written a testimonial, until now. I have dabbled in art for about 40+ years and have collected many volumes on art. 90% are of the “how to” variety. I have become increasingly dissatisfied with the directions that I am getting and thus becoming very suspicious. I ordered your Techniques book. I was enthralled!! For the first time someone was telling me WHY, not giving me their opinion! When I completed it, I immediately ordered the Supplies book. It was even better!! I am going to have a huge yard sale this spring and get rid of several thousand dollars of “useless” art books! Please keep me on your mailing list for your “next” release, whatever the cost. Thank you and keep up the terrific work. You will never know how many questions you answered for me. Sincerely,
Wayne Williams, Crestview, FL

Are you a beginner who would like to take painting lessons. Maybe they are hard to get to or are too expensive but you still want to learn to paint?

Dear Ethan, I’m a beginner looking for my painting passion. I bought “techniques” and “supplies” and have improved my painting immediately. Just the hint of picking up paint and putting it on a surface rather than pushing it around was such a mind set transition. Great! Once again, thanks for the terrific books. Your explanations are clear, concise and so helpful. Implementing your suggestions make me feel I have more control over my results, more ownership.Yours truly,
John Battaini

No Matter What You Like To Paint, This Instruction Will Have You Painting It Better Than Ever Before.

Get ready for a shock. This manual is unlike anything you’ve ever read before. If you’re expecting some complicated collection of instruction, like those available at any bookstore or in a painting class, you’ve got another thing coming.You won’t find any of that complicated “artspeak” here. Or any of that instruction where the instructor looks at your painting and tells you things like…“Make that part of your painting redder” or…“You should make that flower darker”

Instead of telling you answers to questions like…”What is the best medium for me to use?”, “how do I properly prepare my canvas so it will help me paint better?”, and “What are the best brushes to use?”

Ugh! Talk about oil painting instruction that is U-S-E-L-E-S-S!

“I have already read your information and have found it very informative. I’ve already put some of the information into practice. Easy to read, easy to understand, lots of practical, useful information. I am enjoying the materials immensely. Thank you very much.”
Ernest Lippard, North Carolina

I know you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – painting the way you are now – you’ll only succeed in getting the same results. That’s why I want to let try out my instructional package – completely and totally risk-free! (I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment.)I have to admit, some of the testimonials represent exceptional results, not average performance. I’m not going to make outrageous claims like “you’ll be the next Rembrandt.” After all, I don’t know you, your desire, your skills, or your background. I’m sure you’re smart enough to realize that hype like this is bogus.

What I can tell you is that my best students do have phenomenal results.

I have customers that range from CFO’s of companies to retirees to teachers looking for better ways to teach their own students. So whatever your position or situation, this material is for you.

You just need to ask yourself which you’d rather have…The same instruction that is mass-marketed that everyone else buys or pays through the nose for from art schools?… Or a genuine instructional edge?

Look: most people fail because they don’t know where to start. That’s why I’ve organized my manual in a clear, step-by-step manner. Instead of being overwhelmed, you’ll have a clear game plan so you can put the information to use for every painting you make.

Which Of These Powerful Secrets Could You Use To Paint Better Pictures? 

What are the differences between all the paintbrushes that you can buy. There are so many to choose from, which ones do you really need?

  • What brushes you should never buy. Save your hard earned money.
  • Answers to questions like, “What is the best brush to use?”
  • When to use bristle brushes and when to use soft hair brushes. They have different purposes and you should know what they are
  • What is a good starting set of brushes to buy. This spells it out for you if you are a total beginner.
  • How to properly clean your brushes. If you don’t do this properly, you’ll only have to buy more brushes and spend more money than you need to.
  • A great tip on removing old paint from brushes.
  • How to use brushes to take brush marks out of your painting and get that “smooth” look to your paintings.
  • How to make sure your palette isn’t making things harder for you.
  • What is the right palette for you?
  • What color palette you should use and why this is of the utmost importance!
  • Easy to follow explanations about how I use my palettes to make things easier for me. Apply these easy to follow examples to your own paintings
  • How to NOT get confused when looking at all the paint tubes in an art supply store.
  • Understand, exactly, how oil paint is made.
  • What is the difference between student grade and artist grade oil paint.
  • Why do paints from different companies, with the same names, look like different colors?
  • Explanations of the painting knives you should have.
  • Does painting little details seem hard? Discover how to steady your hand to paint the smallest detail.
  • What medium should you use? Finally get the answer to this most confusing question.
  • How to mix your own medium for the effect you want.
  • Easy to follow examples of WHY I use the medium I do! Use the examples to apply to your own painting.
  • What are good pre-mixed mediums that are sold in art supply stores?
  • Discover exactly what will happen to your paint when you mix it with oils, varnishes, etc.. Know the good and bad qualities of each medium.
  • How to make your own painting varnish.
  • What turpentine must be used for, and when can you use an odorless substitute.
  • Why you shouldn’t use the pre-stretched canvas you can buy in the stores. And how this is only making it much harder for you.
  • Step by step instruction on how to stretch your own canvas.
  • How to make the materials for preparing your canvas or panels.
  • How to make your own oil paint and put it in an empty tube. A course like this alone, in New York City, costs hundreds of dollars!
  • About proper preparation. Properly preparingyour canvas or panel so it will help you to paint better, and help you with your oil painting techniques. This includes one thing you must do or you will never paint with the ease the old masters did.
  • The difference in acrylic primed and oil primed canvases and how to apply gesso to your raw canvas or panel.
  • Learn to save yourself money. Which oil paints are a waste of money. Discover the information you need so you walk into an art supply store and not get taken by a salesperson who tries to sell you supplies you do not need.
  • What are the minimum amount of art supplies you need?
  • Why learning your supplies is one of the main keys to improving and why the materials decide how your painting will look.


  • I have made it easy for you to find the recommended oil painting supplies right online. These supplies that will make oil painting easier and more enjoyable, not the confusing useless ones that only drain your wallet of money, but don’t help you paint better oil paintings and, there is much more.

Compare The Cost

Many of my customers refer to this manual as a book. It is more than a book. It is my personal notes on instruction compiled from over 15 years of research, and hard work. 186 pages worth. The value is in the experience and hard to find information it contains. But, it is written in a way that makes sure the information is easy to understand.

As you read from other customers, many value it more than their college art lessons. The information in this instruction manual package contains all the information you hope to get in an oil painting class. It could easily sell forhundreds of dollars.

In fact, you may already know that if you enroll in formal oil painting lessons in a school or workshop, you’d be charged in the neighborhood of $200 to $3000 for one class

In fact, this little box below shows you actual prices taken right off the internet for different oil painting classes.

Actual listings of other workshops and classes and their prices You can see the days and hours the classes meet and the high prices of them.


  •  Wed, 2-6:30pm, Wed, 6:30-10pm Course Fee: $555.

              A non-refundable deposit of $100 per workshop and Tuition is $275 for each class.

  • The school I attended in New York City charges almost $3000 for one class per year!

I used to charge a minimum of $150 an hour for private lessons when I had the time to teach.

So at bare bones minimum you’re getting hundreds of dollars worth of oil painting instruction at your disposal.

Better still, you’ll receive my complete instruction on supplies for less than the $150 my private students pay for a one-hour lesson. And the truth is, you’re getting a lot more; I could never cram all this into a single hour of instruction.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount.

Your manual is normally priced at $80 but as a special offer

you can receive yours at over 10% off…

for only $35.00. 


Can you afford not to have this valuable information if you are serious about painting better?


So Much Information For So Little Cost?

Why do I practically give away my complete 15 years of research on supplies (Normally priced at $80 but now specially priced at $35.00) when I can make $150 per hour teaching privately?

Well, it’s really quite simple.

I actually make more money selling my manual in volume, than I do giving private lessons. As well as the fact that with the internet I can help thousands more people than I could ever teach privately.

Also, the internet lowers costs for myself. And I can pass that savings on to you.

And, frankly, people who want to learn how to oil paint need a resource that works and that won’t drain their wallet of hard earned money.

I have seen that firsthand, and I want to provide you with a new alternative.

I have seen too many aspiring oil painters pay for lessons…

not get helped…

become frustrated…and be out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for useless instruction.

I will not repeat that pattern.

I have made it easy for you to buy your oil painting supplies right online. The manual recommends certain supplies you should have and recommendations are built right into the pages of your manual. You won’t have to go through the confusion of asking, “Where do I get these supplies?”


If You Are Serious About Improving You Really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In The Secrets Of Oil Painting Supplies Made-Easy It comes as a part of a complete set of Oil Painting Techniques package.

It’s easy to get started right away. Ordering Information is below.

Get ready to finally start painting better because you know your supplies inside and out.

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